April 3, 2024

6 Best Appointment Booking App for Wineries in 2024 [Honest Reviews + Pricing]

Seeking an appointment booking solution for your wine tour business? Discover our top 6 picks to streamline your tour scheduling process. Explore which app aligns best with your winery's needs.

What's in this post?

Creating unforgettable experiences for wine enthusiasts during their wine-tasting tours is paramount.

However, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free booking process is equally crucial. With the global wine tourism market projected to reach $47.5 billion by 2033, standing out in this bustling industry is imperative.

Whether you're an established wine tour operator or just starting out, effective booking management holds the key to success. For wineries and vineyard tour companies, improving online direct reservations, attendee management, and distribution is essential.

To meet the demands of modern wine tourism, it's important to take bookings anytime, anywhere, and minimize no-shows. This necessitates utilizing a wine-tasting event booking software that leaves your customers impressed consistently. To aid in finding the right solution, we've conducted thorough research and identified six top-rated apps that seamlessly integrate with your website, enhancing the guest experience. These apps enable you to manage everyday reservations effortlessly, from sending SMS notifications to confirming bookings via email.

Before delving into specific apps, let's explore the key benefits of utilizing appointment booking apps for wineries.

6 key benefits of using a wine-tasting event booking software

Let's look at 6 ways in which a scheduling software for wineries can bring more bookings to your vineyard tour and tasting rooms, and turn a standard tour into an exquisite wine experience.

1. Keep track of appointments:

Appointment booking apps typically come with features such as calendar integration and automated reminders, ensuring that your customers never miss an appointment.

2. Simplify the booking process:

With an appointment booking app, customers can easily schedule appointments without the need for lengthy phone calls or emails.

3. Book appointments on-site:

Integration with your website allows for smooth booking directly from your site, enhancing user experience and reducing bounce rates.

4. Increase your online presence:

Whether it's your website, Facebook page, or a third-party marketplace, visibility across various channels expands your reach and attracts more potential customers.

5. Minimize the occurrence of no-shows:

By keeping customers informed about their appointments with automated reminders and confirmation emails, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of missed appointments.

6. Save on administrative costs:

By automating appointment management, you can allocate resources more efficiently and focus on growing your business.

List of 6 best appointment booking apps for wineries

This roundup of the wine-tasting event booking software will help you efficiently accommodate last-minute bookings, streamline guest check-ins, and follow up on no-shows.

1. Appointo


Appointo ranks as a preferred wine-tasting event booking software, boasting automated messaging, online payment features, and group appointment options. With personalized customer support, Appointo ensures seamless appointment management for over 10,000 brands. From arranging online meetings to coordinating individual or group tours, Appointo simplifies the entire booking process. Unlock personalized customer support, best-in-class appointment management functionalities, and brand consistency in just a few clicks.

Key features:

  • Ask guests personalized questions, automate updates, and follow-ups by sending SMS and WhatsApp messages
  • Conduct engaging online tours by integrating with popular platforms like Google, Outlook, and Zoom, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for both guests and hosts
  • Ensure brand consistency and professionalism by customizing your booking page with options like color changes, logo additions, and text modifications
  • Showcase up-to-date availabilities and prevent scheduling errors
  • Send reminders before every session and ensure your guests never miss an appointment


Free: Experience Appointo's features with a free 14-day trial

2. Calendly


Calendly provides tailored scheduling solutions ideal for wineries. With automation features, it simplifies managing bookings and coordinating wine-tasting sessions, tours, and events.

Key features:

  • Enable clients to input crucial details before scheduling, ensuring session clarity
  • Smoothly integrate Calendly with key platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce to simplify data management
  • Easily initiate meetings by scheduling appointments


Free: Access a selection of essential features, free of cost
Starts at $15k/year

3. Thryv


Thryv presents an intuitive solution tailored to enhance customer engagement and team productivity. This app comes with features like contact management, online listings management, CRM features, and reputation monitoring to better manage online booking and reservations for your winery.

Key features:

  • Activate two-way synchronization with Google or Outlook calendars
  • Enable your clientele to schedule tours directly from your business's Google Business listing page
  • Synchronize and distribute online calendars with both your team and clients


Basic: Teams of up to 5 users can utilize the platform for free
$20 seat/month (Unlimited users)
$30 seat/month (Unlimited users)

4. Rezdy


This online appointment booking app for wineries is designed with tour and activity operators in mind. It is easy to use and helps wineries create online tours in minutes.

Key features:

  • Update your availability in real-time across different channels like internal, online, and agent bookings
  • Send SMSes and emails to confirm booking and manage follow-ups
  • Streamline operations by automating tasks such as guest and booking management, reporting, and billing


Foundation: $49 per month + 2% per online booking
$99 per month + 1.9% per online booking
$249 per month + 1.75% per online booking

5. Zenoti


From managing check-ins and check-outs to guest reminders, Zenoti helps you manage appointments more efficiently. Eliminate the tedious paperwork and make it easy for your front desk to manage bookings.

Key features:

  • Provide convenient booking options across your website, social media platforms, mobile app, and physical store
  • Create a stunningly branded booking page to leave a lasting impression on your clients
  • Ensure accessibility to service details, guest notes, schedules, sales, and upsells on mobile devices and tablets

Pricing: Contact their sales team for detailed pricing plans

6. Doodle


Doodle is tailored for wine tour operators, providing a seamless solution to streamline appointment workflows and facilitate convenient scheduling on the move. With Doodle's integration features, wine tour operators can organize virtual sessions using platforms like Google, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

Key features:

  • Impress customers and partners by adding branded elements to your Doodle invites
  • Allow customers to select preferred time slots directly from allotted times
  • Enhance customer engagement by incorporating group polls, enabling them to vote for their preferred tour times and activities


Free: Start using essential features for free
$6.95 per user/month (Paid annually)
$8.95 per user/month (Paid annually)
Connect with their support team to explore customized solutions and pricing plans

Embrace the best solution for managing your wine tours

Managing the world of wine tourism can be complicated, but with the right tools, you can streamline your tour operations and deliver an exceptional experience for your guests.

One such tool is Appointo, a robust scheduling app crafted to simplify booking management and enhance your tour efficiency.

With Appointo, you can take your wine tours to new heights.

Get started on the journey towards an improved tour experience—schedule a demo with Appointo today.

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