Calendly Scheduling Software And Appointment Booking App: Features, Reviews, Pricing in 2024

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In the landscape of appointment scheduling software, Calendly has carved out a distinct niche with its clean, intuitive interface and powerful scheduling capabilities. Perfect for professionals and businesses of all sizes, Calendly simplifies the process of arranging meetings by eliminating the usual back-and-forth communication. This article provides a detailed look at Calendly’s features, showing how it can be a pivotal tool for enhancing operational efficiency and improving client engagement.

Introduction to Calendly

Calendly is designed to streamline the scheduling process for businesses, enabling them to book meetings without the need for multiple emails or phone calls. It integrates smoothly with personal and professional calendars to automatically detect availability and help users avoid double-booking. Calendly’s goal is to save time, reduce administrative overhead, and improve the scheduling experience for both businesses and their clients.

Website: Calendly

Feature Breakdown

Seamless Calendar Integration

Calendly offers robust integration with major calendar services, including Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365, and iCloud. This ensures that your Calendly schedule remains synced with your personal or professional calendar, reflecting real-time availability and helping to manage your time efficiently.

Flexible Scheduling Options

Calendly allows users to set their availability preferences, define different types of meetings, and allocate specific time slots for these meetings. Whether it's a 15-minute initial consultation, a 30-minute follow-up, or an hour-long team meeting, Calendly can accommodate various meeting durations and types, tailored to the user’s needs.

Automated Reminders and Follow-ups

To enhance the meeting experience and reduce no-shows, Calendly automates the sending of reminder emails and follow-up messages. These notifications ensure that all participants are well-prepared and receive timely reminders before their appointments.

Time Zone Intelligent

Calendly automatically detects and adjusts for the time zones of all meeting participants. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses that operate globally, ensuring that everyone involved in a meeting can join at the correct local time without any confusion.

One-Click Meeting Scheduling

With Calendly, users can share a link to their schedule, allowing clients or colleagues to pick an available time that works best for them. This one-click scheduling eliminates the hassle of back-and-forth communication, making it straightforward for others to see your availability and book a time slot.

Customization and Branding

Calendly offers options to customize the scheduling pages to match your company’s branding. This includes adding logos, customizing color schemes, and personalizing the booking interface, which helps maintain a consistent brand image.

Team Scheduling Capabilities

For teams, Calendly supports collective availability checks, pooled availability options for groups, and round-robin scheduling to distribute meetings evenly among team members. This makes it an excellent tool for sales teams, customer support groups, and other collaborative environments.

Integration with Other Tools

Calendly integrates with a variety of other platforms, such as Zoom for video conferencing, Salesforce for customer relationship management, and Stripe for processing payments. These integrations allow businesses to create a seamless workflow that connects scheduling with other critical business operations.

Pricing Structure

Calendly offers a tiered pricing model that includes:

  • Basic Plan: Free with limited features, suitable for individual use.
  • Premium Plan: Includes more features such as automated reminders, additional calendar integrations, and more extensive customization options.
  • Pro Plan: Provides advanced capabilities designed for teams and businesses, including more integrations and support for multiple team members.

Calendly Appointment Booking App Review:

Calendly scores a G2 rating of 4.7 See latest reviews
Calendly scores a Capterra rating of 4.7 See latest reviews

Download Calendly Appointment Booking App:

Calendly Appointments scheduling app can be downloaded on iOS and Android. Website can be found here.


Calendly stands out in the scheduling software market with its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and flexibility. It addresses the common pain points associated with scheduling by automating processes and integrating with essential tools, making it an invaluable asset for improving productivity and enhancing the professional image of businesses.