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Appointo helps you display your real-time availability, take bookings, and even send reminders automatically. Integrate it with your calendar, Google Meet or Zoom to create a confusion free scheduling system. Set up takes only 2 minutes.

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The appointment scheduling solution music studios trust to streamline operations.

Online Booking Widget & Shareable Links

With Appointo's online booking widget and shareable booking links, anyone can view your instructors' real-time availability and reserve their preferred slots in just a few clicks.Fill your classes without the back-and-forth.

Automatic reminders

Automate lesson reminders via text, email or WhatsApp to minimize no-shows. Customize the messaging to match your studio's voice and reduce administrative busywork.

Real-time calendar sync

Stay synchronized across all your instructors' calendars with Appointo's two-way Google and Outlook integrations. Say goodbye to scheduling conflicts once and for all

Offer virtual music lessons

Appointo generates unique Zoom and Google Meet links for each new booking, instantly shared with students and parents to join the virtual session hassle-free. Perfect for lessons over video!

The all-in-one scheduling suite made for music studios.

Fed up with missed lessons leaving your music studio out of tune? Let Appointo be your scheduling maestro.

Whether teaching piano, guitar, drums, or vocals, Appointo's flexible features let you customize the perfect cadence for your studio. Build a booking experience as unique as your musical talents.

  • Bid farewell to double bookings throwing your schedule out of tune. Appointo syncs up seamlessly with your instructors' Google or Outlook calendars.
  • Want to offer online Zoom lessons? No prob - virtual links are auto-generated when someone books an online class. 
  • Block out any dates when your studio will be closed or when music instructors are unavailable. This prevents any confusion or inconvenience for parents and students.
Easy Appointment Booking Setup

Step-by-Step: Scheduling with Appointo Explained

Add appointment booking app to your website with no-code!

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Set up Services
Create services and configure it as per your business needs.
You are set!
Booking link will be automatically generated. You're all set and ready to go!
Whether you're teaching piano, guitar, drums, or vocals, it's perfect. 

With Appointo's smart scheduling suite, you're the conductor of a finely-tuned music studio. No more disorganized scheduling trembles.

Put an end to the scheduling scramble with Appointo's user-friendly online booking system. Simply add a slick booking widget to your studio's website, and let students easily view available time slots and snag one with a few clicks.

  • Custom booking forms help you gather all the must-have details from students before any class. 
  • Set capacities for group classes and allow multiple enrollments per time slot. 
  • Create dedicated booking links for private lessons, group classes, camps, and more.
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Customer Experiences: Booking through Appointo

Marcela Giocanti

Great app for scheduling your website booking and has excellent, friendly and swift customer support responses. I would highly recommend this app

Futstep Professional

Amazing app to have in a store where you need to make bookings or appointments.The integration is seamless and smooth. The appinto team helps you with every step.

Self Expansion Method (UK)

This one is the best by far. If you need subscriptions and lots of customizations, this is the one for you. Developers go out of their way to help you.


Frequently asked questions

How does online booking work?

Anyone can easily book music lessons directly through a booking widget on your studio's website or via a shareable booking link. They simply view the available time slots and reserve their preferred slot in just a few clicks.

Can I block off dates when the studio is closed?

Yes, you can easily mark specific dates as unavailable in Appointo's calendar to prevent any bookings during times when your studio is closed or your instructors are away.

Can multiple students book the same group lesson slot? 

Absolutely. Appointo's group booking feature allows you to set a capacity for each time slot, so multiple students can book the same group lesson until it reaches the maximum limit.

How do lesson reminders work?

Automated email, text, and WhatsApp reminders are sent to students based on their upcoming lessons. You can customize the reminder content and branding to match your studio's voice.

Do I need special software to use Appointo? 

No, Appointo runs seamlessly through your web browser and mobile devices. You just need an internet connection to manage your studio's scheduling from anywhere.

Can I gather additional info during booking? 

Yes, you can create custom intake forms requiring students to provide details like their skill level, instrument, or any specific requests when booking. This allows you to better prepare for each lesson.

How does instructor scheduling work? 

Each instructor gets a personal login to access and manage their own calendar and bookings from any device, preventing scheduling overlaps.

Can students reschedule or cancel lessons themselves? 

Yes, Appointo provides student portals where they can easily reschedule, cancel, or modify their bookings online as needed, without contacting your studio.

Can I offer multi-day camps or workshops?

Definitely. Appointo's flexible scheduling supports single lessons as well as multi-day camps, group classes, or workshop events spanning consecutive days.

How does Appointo prevent double-bookings? 

Appointo's two-way calendar sync updates in real-time across scheduling channels like Google and Outlook calendars, eliminating accidental double-bookings.

Can I brand the booking experience? 

Yes, you can fully customize the booking widget and portals with your studio's logo, colors and branding for a consistent, professional look.

Does it support multiple languages? 

Yes, Appointo automatically translates the booking experience and notifications into over 20 languages based on your settings, catering to a diverse client base.

Appointo Pricing plan

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  • Supports group appointments, Google, Outlook calendar and Zoom Integrations
  • Sends automated emails and text for reminders, confirmations, rescheduling, etc
  • Customer Booking Portal through which customers can manage their bookings
  • Additional Team Members @ $6/m
  • Unlimited Services and Unlimited Bookings
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