Zenoti Appointment Booking App: Features, Reviews, Pricing in 2024

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Zenoti Appointment Booking App Features:

Zenoti  is an award- winning all in one scheduling app that mainly focusses on medical spas, salons, fitness, and general spa businesses.
The app helps in bookings while also helping with front desk payments, employee management, marketing and sales, and analytics and reporting. The app comes loaded with over 21 features to help provide all in one solution.
It features different version that comes for individuals with 5+ providers, multiple locations and enterprise solutions with 20+ centres.

Zenoti Appointment Booking App Review:

Zenoti Appointments scores a G2 rating of 4.3 See latest reviews
Zenoti Appointments scores a Capterra rating of 4.4 See latest reviews

Zenoti Appointment Booking App Pricing:

For Zenoti appointment app pricing, the customer care has to be contacted. The team can be reached from their official website here.

Download Zenoti Appointment Booking App:

Zenoti Appointment scheduling app can also be downloaded on iOS and Android.
Zenoti Appointment scheduling app can also be downloaded here.