A Simple, Affordable Scheduling App For Small Businesses, and Solopreneurs to Free Their Time From Admin Work

With features like automated reminders and customizable booking options, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. Why waste another minute juggling your calendar? Try our app today. 

Trusted by 10000+ Brands, 5 ⭐ App Store Rating, 24/7 Customer Support.
A scheduling app with a clean and intuitive design

Designed to automate the repetitive tasks of your business

No need for individual schedule coordination

Share your personal scheduling link and let clients book their preferred slots in seconds. With real-time availability and easy online booking, you won't have to be juggle with individual emails, calls or text asking about your schedule

No late-shows or no-Shows

With our app's multi-channel reminders through WhatsApp, text, and email, your clients will have no excuse for forgetting their appointments.You'll reduce idle time & improve profitability. 

Improve resource allocation

Add team members as users, and let them to manage their schedules while syncing with your small business's overall bookings.No more wasted efforts or resource crunch.

Get paid on time, every time

 Our Stripe and PayPal integrations let your clients pay online right when they book. You don't have to chase for invoices or send bills separately now. 

Suitable for international businesses

Customize your booking page, scheduling rules, and booking questions

Add your logo, colors, and design to maintain a professional and cohesive brand image for your booking widget. Your customers will appreciate the fully responsive design that adapts seamlessly to any device they use.

  • Offer booking in 20+ languages, making your services accessible to a diverse clientele
  • Automatically generate and send unique Zoom meeting links to your clients when a virtual consultation is booked. Eliminates the need for manual link creation and sharing. 
  • Clients can easily schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments online, reducing your administrative workload and saving you time.
Easy Appointment Booking Setup

Step-by-Step: Scheduling with Appointo Explained

Add appointment booking app to your website with no-code!

Create your account. No credit card required.
Set up Services
Create services and configure it as per your business needs.
You are set!
Booking link will be automatically generated. You're all set and ready to go!
Glitch-free, and aesthetically pleasing

Create a client experience that brings in repeat busines and referrals

At Appointo, we understand that the cornerstone of an exceptional customer experience is empowerment and clarity. That's why we've designed our platform to be as intuitive and inclusive as possible.

  • From 1:1 meetings to group sessions, create slots for any appointment type or duration. Your clients will love how easy it is to find the perfect slot that fits their needs
  • Prevent double-booking, over-booking, and get the flexibility to block off times when certain services may be unavailable
  • Automatically adjust appointment times to the customer's local timezone, ensuring clarity and timely attendance
Empowering More Than 10,000 Businesses Worldwide

Customer Experiences: Booking through Appointo

Marcela Giocanti

Great app for scheduling your website booking and has excellent, friendly and swift customer support responses. I would highly recommend this app

Futstep Professional

Amazing app to have in a store where you need to make bookings or appointments.The integration is seamless and smooth. The appinto team helps you with every step.

Self Expansion Method (UK)

This one is the best by far. If you need subscriptions and lots of customizations, this is the one for you. Developers go out of their way to help you.


Frequently asked questions

How can a scheduling app help my small business? 

A scheduling app for small businesses can automate your booking process, reduce no-shows, and save time by eliminating the need for manual scheduling. It streamlines your operations, allowing you to focus on providing excellent service to your clients.

Can I customize my booking page to match my brand? 

Yes, Appointo allows you to personalize your booking page with your small business's logo, colors, and style. This creates a consistent and professional look that aligns with your brand identity.

Is it easy to integrate Appointo with my small business website? 

Yes, Appointo provides a simple booking link that you can embed as a widget on your website. This enables clients to book appointments directly from your site, making the process convenient for them and effortless for you.

Can I set different durations for my services? 

Absolutely! Appointo lets you specify the exact duration for each type of service you offer. This ensures accurate scheduling and helps you manage your time effectively, which is crucial for small businesses.

Will a scheduling app help prevent double bookings? 

Yes, Appointo syncs with popular calendar apps like Google Calendar and Outlook, preventing double bookings. This keeps your schedule organized and up-to-date, ensuring a smooth operation for your small business.

Can Appointo handle group bookings for my small business? 

Yes, Appointo supports group bookings, allowing you to schedule multiple clients in the same time slot. This is perfect for small businesses that offer classes, workshops, or services that can accommodate multiple participants.

How can a scheduling app reduce no-shows for my small business? 

Appointo sends automated reminders via email, text, or WhatsApp, significantly reducing no-shows. This feature is particularly valuable for small businesses, as it ensures clients are reminded of their appointments and helps maintain a steady flow of business.

Can I manage my team's schedule with Appointo? 

Appointo allows you to add team members as users, enabling them to manage their schedules while syncing with your small business's overall bookings. This enhances coordination and ensures efficient resource allocation.

Is Appointo suitable for small businesses with multilingual clients?

Appointo supports over 20 languages, making it an ideal scheduling app for small businesses serving diverse communities. This feature ensures that your booking process is accessible to all your clients.

How can I prevent last-minute cancellations with Appointo? 

Appointo allows you to set booking notice periods and cancellation policies. For example, you can require clients to book a minimum number of hours in advance or charge a fee for last-minute cancellations, helping your small business maintain a predictable schedule.

Can Appointo handle bookings for virtual meetings? 

Yes, Appointo generates unique video conferencing links for platforms like Zoom or Google Meet. This feature is useful for small businesses offering virtual consultations, classes, or webinars.

Can clients pay for my small business's services through Appointo? 

Yes, Appointo integrates with Stripe, enabling clients to pay for your services securely online. This feature is convenient for small businesses, as it streamlines the payment process and improves cash flow.

Is Appointo cost-effective for small businesses? 

Yes, Appointo offers affordable pricing plans that cater to the needs and budgets of small businesses. By automating your scheduling process, Appointo can help you save time and resources, making it a cost-effective solution in the long run.

How can I get started with using Appointo for my small business? 

Getting started with Appointo is simple. You can sign up for a free trial to explore its features and see how it can benefit your small business. Once you're ready, choose a plan that suits your needs, set up your services, and start accepting bookings!

Appointo Pricing plan

Straightforward Pricing, Making Appointment Booking Easy

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Better insights for growing businesses that want more customers.

  • Supports group appointments, Google, Outlook calendar and Zoom Integrations
  • Sends automated emails and text for reminders, confirmations, rescheduling, etc
  • Customer Booking Portal through which customers can manage their bookings
  • Additional Team Members @ $6/m
  • Unlimited Services and Unlimited Bookings
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