Our scheduling software is the secret to a packed gym and a profitable business – no heavy lifting required.

With Appointo, you've got everything you need to create your scheduling page, send reminders, and even handle payments. All accomplished without coding. In less than 120 seconds. No sweat.

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Simplest gym appointment scheduling process

Helping your gym flex its scheduling muscles, 24/7

Embedd widget or share link

Provides a convenient way for customers to book appointments directly from the gym's website or through a shareable link, increasing accessibility and boosting bookings.

Variety of appointments

Schedule everything from quick, high-intensity workouts to extended fitness marathons, ensuring every gym program fits perfectly within your timetable.

Automated reminders 

Reduces no-shows and last-minute cancellations by sending confirmation messages & timely reminders to customers. Choose any mode — email, text, or WhatsApp. Customize the message to suit your style.

Staff logins 

Grant team members control over their schedules, boosting job satisfaction and encouraging staff retention for long-term growth.

It's versatile. Perfect for boutique yoga studios or large-scale gyms

Stop leaving money on the table with primitive scheduling methods & confusing everyone — your trainers & your members.

With Appointo, generate unique booking links for different sessions. Share it or embed it using our widget on your website. – it works flawlessly on any device, anywhere. No technical skills required.

  • Customize the booking widget with your colors, logo & branding for a professional look.
  • Organize group classes and single or multi-day events. All schedules & slots are manageable via iOS/Android apps or the web.
  • Integrate seamlessly with Zoom to facilitate online classes, automatically generating and sharing session links with members.
Easy Appointment Booking Setup

Step-by-Step: Scheduling with Appointo Explained

Add appointment booking app to your website with no-code!

Create your account. No credit card required.
Set up Services
Create services and configure it as per your business needs.
You are set!
Booking link will be automatically generated. You're all set and ready to go!
Slash the tedious administrative work

Intuitive, easy-to-use gym scheduling software systems make it easy for your clients to find, view, and book sessions — No app download is required. 

Happy gym-goers are like free billboards for your fitness hub. Make their visits so smooth with our gym scheduling genius, they can't help but brag about you.

  • Members can easily manage their bookings, rescheduling or canceling as needed, which helps maximize attendance and minimize no-shows.
  • Collect important member information upfront through tailored forms, giving a high-quality fitness experience.
  • Offer a secure, easy payment method by connecting your booking page to Stripe with Appointo's integration.
Empowering More Than 10,000 Businesses Worldwide

Customer Experiences: Booking through Appointo

Marcela Giocanti

Great app for scheduling your website booking and has excellent, friendly and swift customer support responses. I would highly recommend this app

Futstep Professional

Amazing app to have in a store where you need to make bookings or appointments.The integration is seamless and smooth. The appinto team helps you with every step.

Self Expansion Method (UK)

This one is the best by far. If you need subscriptions and lots of customizations, this is the one for you. Developers go out of their way to help you.


Frequently asked questions

Can I schedule multiple customers for the same service slot?

With Appointo, it's simple to book group appointments. Whether you have 10 customers wanting to book a 9 AM slot for a group workout session or class, you can easily accommodate them all in the same slot.

How does Appointo handle events that span multiple days?

Appointo is flexible enough to manage both single and multi-day events. Services can be booked on an hourly basis or for events that span across several days, ensuring you have all your scheduling needs covered.

What if I need to gather additional information from my clients before their appointment?

Appointo supports the addition of custom questions to your booking process. This feature allows you to collect any relevant information you might need from your clients before their appointment, helping you prepare and tailor your services better.

How can I manage bookings through Appointo?

Appointo offers versatile management options. You can manage all settings for your gym or fitness center from the web. Additionally, our iOS and Android apps allow for easy rescheduling or cancellation of bookings, service changes, team member adjustments, and customization of calendar colors and business hours.

Is there a way for my customers to manage their own bookings?

Yes, Appointo provides customer booking portals that enable your clients to manage their bookings directly, offering them flexibility and convenience.

How does Appointo ensure my clients are reminded of their appointments?

Appointo sends automated reminders via email, text, or WhatsApp for confirmation, rescheduling, and cancellation, ensuring your clients never miss their appointments.

Does Appointo support multiple languages?

Our system is designed to automatically translate to your store's primary language, making it accessible to a wider audience. We currently support more than 20 languages.

Can Appointo handle virtual appointments like Google Meet or Zoom sessions?

For virtual appointments, Appointo automatically generates a meeting link for Google Meet or Zoom sessions and sends it to your client, making the process seamless.

What advanced features does Appointo offer for scheduling?

Appointo includes advanced scheduling features such as the stopping any last-minute appointments, blocking unavailable dates, customizing time intervals based on your preferences, and more, giving you complete control over your scheduling.

Can I create automated messages or emails to send to my clients based on certain conditions?

With Appointo, you can create tailored workflows to send specific texts or emails to your clients based on certain conditions. These workflows can also be customized for each service, allowing you to control the content and timing of the messages.

How can I prevent bookings on days when my gym is closed or I’m unavailable?

Appointo allows you to block out certain dates, ensuring that no bookings can be made on days when your gym is closed or you’re on vacation.

Is it possible to collect payments for services through Appointo?

Businesses can connect their Stripe account to Appointo to collect payments for services directly through the booking process.

How do clients book appointments with my gym?

Appointo creates a public link for your business, which clients can use to book appointments. Additionally, you can embed the appointment booking widget on your website, making it easy for clients to book directly from there.

What calendar and video conferencing integrations does Appointo support?

Appointo integrates with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar for two-way sync and Zoom for automated meeting link generation, ensuring a smooth integration into your existing workflows.

Appointo Pricing plan

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Better insights for growing businesses that want more customers.

  • Supports group appointments, Google, Outlook calendar and Zoom Integrations
  • Sends automated emails and text for reminders, confirmations, rescheduling, etc
  • Customer Booking Portal through which customers can manage their bookings
  • Additional Team Members @ $6/m
  • Unlimited Services and Unlimited Bookings
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