The Scheduling Software For Cleaning Business That Will Pack Your Calendar, Neatly. Without Complicating Client Communications. 

Embed Appointo's widget in your website to match your branding, or use a public link to begin accepting appointments—no calls or emails needed. Set up in 2 minutes and tap into our cost-effective scheduling features.

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Leave the mess behind with Appoints' cleaning scheduling software

No back-and-forth over calls or emails

Appointo lays out your available slots, allowing clients to book in just a few clicks.
They get to see all the essentials—time, price, and more—right at their fingertips, making the decision process quick and informed, without any calls. 

Zero missed appointments

Keep every cleaning appointment on track by syncing with Google/Outlook Calendar, ensuring you're known for your reliability.

Gather details, prepare better

Before you even arrive, know if you're tackling pet hair or stubborn grape juice stains. Our custom questions prep you for anything, so you're always ready for a spotless clean.

Staff logins for self-managed schedules

Provide individual logins for your staff to manage their schedules to reduce admin overhead, and improve efficiency. Happier staff will lead to more reliable service delivery. 

Provide the best client experience

Offer the ease of scheduling cleaning appointments — whether they're for residential or commercial spaces

Enable seamless scheduling with features like automatic reminders to clients, and customizable booking slots to match your services with Appointo's scheduling software for cleaning business

  • Send automated reminders via WhatsApp, text, or email to reduce no-shows. Personalize messages to maintain your unique touch, making every reminder feel personally crafted by you.
  • Give your clients the power to book once or line up multiple cleanings without breaking a sweat, ensuring their homes are spotless and your schedule is full.
  • Allow clients to reschedule or cancel, freeing slots for new bookings. Clients will appreciate the convenience, and you'll keep your business running smoothly. 
Easy Appointment Booking Setup

Step-by-Step: Scheduling with Appointo Explained

Add appointment booking app to your website with no-code!

Create your account. No credit card required.
Set up Services
Create services and configure it as per your business needs.
You are set!
Booking link will be automatically generated. You're all set and ready to go!
It's efficient. 100% online. No coding is required.

Your expertise is making places clean & tidy, not juggling a cluttered appointment calendar

Enjoy a complimentary Client Scheduling Page, avoid repetitive calls, and maintain control over how you run your business. All features tested for user-friendliness. 

  • No website? No worries. Get a free Client Scheduling Page with Appointo, share your URL, and let clients book online easily.
  • Avoid repeating yourself on calls with automated confirmation emails from Appointo. They cover details like date, time, and prep work, keeping everyone in sync. 
  • Get better control over your class schedule by setting a limit to prevent anyone from booking last minute or blocking out dates when you're unavailable.
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Customer Experiences: Booking through Appointo

Marcela Giocanti

Great app for scheduling your website booking and has excellent, friendly and swift customer support responses. I would highly recommend this app

Futstep Professional

Amazing app to have in a store where you need to make bookings or appointments.The integration is seamless and smooth. The appinto team helps you with every step.

Self Expansion Method (UK)

This one is the best by far. If you need subscriptions and lots of customizations, this is the one for you. Developers go out of their way to help you.


Frequently asked questions

Can I request specific details from clients when they book a cleaning service?

Our cleaning service software, Appointo, lets you customize the booking experience with questions about square footage, specific cleaning tasks, or pet presence. This ensures your crew arrives fully prepared, optimizing your cleaning scheduling software's efficiency.

Does Appointo send automated reminders for cleaning appointments?

Yes, Appointo sends customizable reminders via email, text, or WhatsApp, reducing no-shows and ensuring clients are prepared for their cleaning appointments.

How can I manage scheduling for my cleaning staff?

With Appointo, you can add your cleaning team as users, allowing them to manage their schedules while aligning with overall business bookings, and enhancing team coordination.

Is Appointo available in multiple languages?

Appointo stands out as the best scheduling app for cleaning business needs by supporting over 20 languages. This makes it a versatile tool for a diverse clientele and staff, enhancing accessibility in the cleaning scheduling software market.

Can Appointo handle bookings for virtual cleaning consultations?

Yes, Appointo facilitates virtual consultations by automatically generating video conferencing links for services like Zoom or Google Meet, perfect for pre-service walk-throughs or quotes.

How does Appointo prevent disruptive last-minute bookings or cancellations?

You can set advance booking notices and cancellation deadlines to manage your schedule better and prevent last-minute disruptions, keeping your operations smooth. This makes Appointo the perfect scheduling software for cleaning businesses. 

Can clients pay for cleaning services through Appointo?

Yes, Appointo integrates with Stripe for secure online payments, allowing clients to pay for their cleaning services when booking, streamlining your financial transactions.

Can the booking page be customized to match my cleaning business's branding?

Absolutely! Customize Appointo's booking page with your business colors, logo, and style, making the booking experience consistent with your brand identity.

Is integrating the booking widget into our website straightforward?

Yes, Appointo provides a public booking link that you can easily embed as a widget on your cleaning business's website, simplifying the online booking process for your clients.

Can we specify service durations and blackout dates?

Certainly, Appointo lets you set precise service durations and blackout dates when services are unavailable, ensuring your bookings are always accurate.

Does Appointo integrate with calendar apps to prevent double bookings?

Indeed, Appointo's sync with Google Calendar and Outlook prevents double bookings, keeping your cleaning schedule organized and up-to-date.

Appointo Pricing plan

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Better insights for growing businesses that want more customers.

  • Supports group appointments, Google, Outlook calendar and Zoom Integrations
  • Sends automated emails and text for reminders, confirmations, rescheduling, etc
  • Customer Booking Portal through which customers can manage their bookings
  • Additional Team Members @ $6/m
  • Unlimited Services and Unlimited Bookings
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