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Trade in your outdated booking system for a modern, user-friendly platform designed to make appointment scheduling a breeze, not a pain in the...neck.

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Spend your time adjusting spines, not juggling calls, messages & payments

Get bookings without attending any phone calls

Decide your availability. Share it with clients via your unique link and they can schedule chiropractic appointments online as per the slots they prefer. That means less time on the phone & more time with your patients.

Reduce no-shows, & last-minute cancellations

Set up automated messages via WhatsApp/text/email to remind patients about their appointments. Use our templates for quick setup. Or customize the messages with your brand voice making them feel like they're coming directly from you, not a machine.

Avoid admin confusion & losing clients

With real-time updates and syncing across Google/Microsoft calendars, double bookings are now a thing of the past. 
Imagine a world where you never have to say, "Oops, double-booked." It's bliss. 

Collect payments smoothly

The only thing smoother than your adjustments will be our payment process. With our integrations, you can connect your booking page to Stripe for secure online payments.

A no-code platform that anyone can set up

Transform your website into an appointment-catching machine. With Appointo, it’s a two-minute job

With no coding skills or technical expertise required, setting up Appointo's chiropractic scheduling software takes only a few clicks. You can place the widget exactly where you want it on your site . Once added to your site, the widget becomes active immediately. Then, you are ready to…

  • Offer slots with flexible lengths, from brief check-ups to in-depth sessions, optimizing your schedule for efficiency — see more patients with the time saved.
  • Ask clients custom questions before they book. This lets you prep for appointments, giving better, more tailored care. Happy clients mean 5-star ratings and a busy clinic. 
  • Automatically generate and send Google Meet or Zoom session links to your patients when they book an online session. The right link at the right time improves patient experience. 
Easy Appointment Booking Setup

Step-by-Step: Scheduling with Appointo Explained

Add appointment booking app to your website with no-code!

Create your account. No credit card required.
Set up Services
Create services and configure it as per your business needs.
You are set!
Booking link will be automatically generated. You're all set and ready to go!
Features that make running a business efficient

Effortless Scheduling, Total Control, and Team Empowerment with Appointo

The endless back-and-forth, the jumbled mess of overlapping bookings, and the sheer waste of time managing schedules through outdated systems—it's not just inefficient but unacceptable. Clinging to primitive methods is leaving money on the table. Switch to Appoint, so you can…

  • Manage your appointments with ease from any device (iOS/Android apps or web)—reschedule, cancel, or adjust settings with just a few clicks. Whether you’re on the go or at your desk, Appointo keeps you in control. 
  • Have better control over your chiropractic schedule by setting a limit to prevent anyone from booking last minute or blocking out dates when you’re unavailable.
  • Empower your team members to update their availability, manage appointments, and even customize their session types by adding them to the platform.
Empowering More Than 10,000 Businesses Worldwide

Customer Experiences: Booking through Appointo

Marcela Giocanti

Great app for scheduling your website booking and has excellent, friendly and swift customer support responses. I would highly recommend this app

Futstep Professional

Amazing app to have in a store where you need to make bookings or appointments.The integration is seamless and smooth. The appinto team helps you with every step.

Self Expansion Method (UK)

This one is the best by far. If you need subscriptions and lots of customizations, this is the one for you. Developers go out of their way to help you.


Frequently asked questions

How does Appointo help chiropractors run more efficient practice?

Appointo offers a streamlined platform specifically designed for chiropractors to manage their schedules efficiently. With the ability to schedule a chiropractic appointment online, practitioners can minimize the time spent on administrative tasks, allowing them to focus more on patient care. This online scheduling feature enables patients to book appointments at their convenience, reducing the likelihood of double bookings or scheduling conflicts.

Can Appointo manage group appointments for chiropractic sessions?

Yes, Appointo is equipped to handle group appointments, enabling several clients to book the same time slot. This is especially useful for seminars or group therapy sessions, helping to efficiently utilize your time and provide collective experiences.

Is it feasible to ask specific questions when clients book a chiropractic appointment?

Indeed, Appointo enables you to pose custom questions to clients during the booking process. This feature is crucial for collecting vital information early on, enabling you to customize each session to the client's needs.a

How does Appointo manage appointments across various time zones?

Appointo automatically adjusts appointments to reflect the correct time zones for both you and your clients. This feature ensures clear communication and smooth scheduling regardless of geographical location.

Can clients independently manage their chiropractic appointments online?

Yes, Appointo provides clients with the capability to adjust or cancel their appointments on their own. This functionality minimizes your administrative workload and gives clients more flexibility with their schedules.

Does Appointo send automated reminders for appointments?

Appointo includes an automated reminder system that sends notifications via email, text, or WhatsApp. These reminders are customizable and aim to minimize missed appointments and last-minute cancellations.

Is it possible to synchronize Appointo with my calendars?

Appointo supports integration with both Google Calendar and Outlook, offering real-time, two-way calendar synchronization. This ensures you stay informed of all appointments without overlap between personal and professional schedules.

How can I coordinate scheduling for my entire team using Appointo?

As an admin, you can effortlessly add new team members to Appointo. Each team member can manage their appointments independently while maintaining harmony with the team's overall schedule and objectives.

Is Appointo available in languages other than English?

Yes, Appointo supports more than 20 languages, making it accessible to a wide range of clients. This inclusivity helps to remove language barriers and expand your client reach.

How does Appointo accommodate virtual chiropractic sessions?

Appointo simplifies virtual session setup by automatically generating meeting links for Zoom and Google Meet. This functionality facilitates easy and convenient remote sessions for both practitioners and clients.

How can Appointo assist in avoiding last-minute bookings and cancellations?

With Appointo, you can establish booking lead times and close off dates when you're unavailable. This control over your schedule aids in preventing unexpected disruptions.

Can I process payments for chiropractic services through Appointo?

Appointo integrates with Stripe, offering a secure method for processing payments at the time of booking. This convenience ensures a smooth payment experience for both you and your clients.

Can the booking experience be tailored to reflect my brand?

Absolutely, Appointo allows for customization of the booking interface to match your brand's aesthetic. This consistency promotes a professional image across all client interactions.

Appointo Pricing plan

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  • Supports group appointments, Google, Outlook calendar and Zoom Integrations
  • Sends automated emails and text for reminders, confirmations, rescheduling, etc
  • Customer Booking Portal through which customers can manage their bookings
  • Additional Team Members @ $6/m
  • Unlimited Services and Unlimited Bookings
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