June 7, 2024

6 Best Scheduling Software for Sports Facilities in 2024 [Honest Reviews + Pricing]

For sports facilities in need of top-notch booking solutions, your search ends here. Discover the top 6 appointment scheduling platforms tailored exclusively for managing sports events and activities.

What's in this post?

Technology has revolutionized facility capital planning for sports arenas, athletic facilities, and stadiums, impacting the industry in myriad ways. Facility owners and managers must stay updated of technological advancements to enhance operational efficiencies and user experiences. Integrating technology into sports facility management streamlines scheduling, maintenance, communication, and convenience. The sports facilities market is projected to reach US$991.7 billion by 2034.

In this context, appointment booking apps play a crucial role in managing large-scale operations efficiently. These apps offer numerous benefits. These benefits include simplified scheduling, reduced administrative tasks, enhanced user experiences, and improved resource allocation. By using appointment booking apps, sports facilities optimize their operations, maximize facility utilization, and provide enhanced experiences for everyone.

Now, let's delve into six of the finest appointment booking apps available on the market. Each one offers unique features and functionalities tailored to meet the diverse needs of sports facilities. Whether it's managing bookings for training sessions, facility rentals, or special events—these apps streamline the process and ensure hassle-free experiences for all stakeholders involved.

5 Reasons Why Scheduling Software Is Essential For Your Sports Facility

While there are many automation benefits of using scheduling software, let's run through some of the key benefits:

1. Streamlined Operations:

Scheduling software simplifies booking facilities, equipment, and instructors, leading to smoother operations and reduced administrative burden.

2. Enhanced Efficiency:

By automating repetitive tasks such as sending reminders and managing cancellations, scheduling software frees up staff time to focus on other important aspects.

3. Improved Communication:

With built-in communication tools, scheduling software enables smooth communication between facility managers, staff, coaches, and users—ensuring everyone stays informed and on the same page.

4. Optimal Resource Utilization:

Scheduling software helps maximize facility usage by efficiently allocating resources such as courts, fields, and equipment based on demand and availability.

5. Better User Experience:

By offering online booking options, real-time availability updates, and easy access to information, scheduling software enhances the overall user experience for athletes, coaches, and visitors alike.

Discover 6 Leading Appointment Booking Solutions Tailored For Sports Facilities

These 6 leading appointment booking solutions are built to suit the unique requirements of sports facilities. From streamlined scheduling to efficient resource allocation, these platforms optimize facility management and enhance user experiences.

1. Appointo


Trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide, Appointo is the ultimate solution. It is tailored to meet the diverse scheduling needs of athletic venues. With seamless integration and intuitive features, Appointo simplifies managing bookings for sports events and training sessions.

Key features:

  • Streamline scheduling for sports events and training sessions with real-time availability updates.
  • Customize your facility's booking page with branding options, ensuring a professional and cohesive appearance.
  • Integrate Appointo with leading virtual meeting platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams for remote coaching sessions.
  • Reduce no-shows and keep athletes informed with automated SMS and email reminders.
  • Enhance user experience by offering convenient online booking options for athletes and coaches.


Free: Try out Appointo with a complimentary 14-day trial period

Pro-plan: $12/month

2. Doodle


Maximize sports facility management efficiency with Doodle's advanced online booking system, tailored to meet the demands of athletic venues.

Key features:

  • Enhance session coordination by assigning specific staff members to individual event bookings, ensuring smooth operations and personalized athlete experiences.
  • Integrate with leading platforms like Google, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom to facilitate virtual coaching sessions and enhance athlete engagement.
  • Synchronize facility calendars with the online booking system to accurately display availability and prevent scheduling conflicts, streamlining the planning process for training sessions and events.


Free: Take advantage of basic capabilities for free

Pro: $6.95 per user/month (Paid annually)

Team: $8.95 per user/month (Paid annually)

Enterprise: Reach out to their support team to discover exclusive plans designed for enterprises and sizable teams.

3. Calendly


Calendly offers customized scheduling solutions crafted for unique requirements of sports facilities. With its automation features, this platform simplifies bookings and coordinating various activities within athletic venues. This also includes training sessions, competitions, and events.

Key features:

  • Schedule sports facility bookings with Calendly's user-friendly interface, simplifying the reservation process.
  • Enable athletes to provide essential details during booking, ensuring smooth coordination for training sessions and events.
  • Integrate Calendly with essential tools like HubSpot and Salesforce, streamlining data management for efficient facility operations.


Free: Get started with basic capabilities for free

Standard: $10/seat/month

Teams: $16/seat/month

Enterprise: Starts at $15k/year

4. Appointy


This scheduling software, Appointy, utilizes advanced routing algorithms tailored for sports facilities. It ensures efficient management of bookings by matching athlete requests with available resources.

Key features:

  • Customize the booking portal to accept appointments 24/7, catering to athletes' schedules and preferences.
  • Enhance facility reach and engagement by hosting virtual events and webinars online.
  • Prioritize athlete satisfaction by equipping staff with essential athlete data before sessions, ensuring personalized and effective training experiences.


Free: Access essential features for free

Growth: $19.99

Professional: $49.99

Enterprise: $79.99

5. Book Like A Boss

Book Like A Boss

Book Like A Boss serves as an online scheduling platform tailored for sports facilities. It allows staff members to efficiently manage appointments. In addition to a personalized booking page, the platform synchronizes calendar entries, streamlines intake processes, and showcases booking availability for various time zones.

Key features:

  • Keep staff members informed and organized with internal messaging functionalities, ensuring smooth coordination of appointments and events.
  • Enhance credibility by showcasing photos, videos, and testimonials on the booking page, providing athletes with valuable insights into the facility's offerings.
  • Integrate with Zapier and other third-party applications to facilitate online payments, offering athletes convenient payment options through platforms like Stripe, PayPal, and Square.

Pricing: Begin your journey with a 14-day complimentary trial. Explore various subscription options tailored for freelancers, companies, and enterprises.

6. SavvyCal


By seamlessly integrating athletes' calendars with your availability, SavvyCal provides a user-friendly interface to streamline the appointment process within sports facilities.

Key features:

  • Expedite the scheduling process and reduce administrative overhead by enhancing efficiency with pre-filled athlete details.
  • Customize time slots to present your preferred availability, allowing for flexible scheduling options tailored to athletes' needs.
  • Maintain control over your schedule by setting limits on meeting frequency per day, week, or month, ensuring optimal time management within the facility.


The Free Plan:  Start using basic features for free

The Basic Plan: $12 per user per month (Includes individual and team scheduling links)

The Premium Plan: $20/user/month (Remove branding from SavvyCal, enable payment acceptance, and assign access to team assistants)

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