March 31, 2024

7 Best Appointment Booking Apps For Travel Agents in 2024 [Honest Reviews + Pricing]

Look no further for the ultimate online travel booking system. Discover a roundup of 7 top-notch scheduling apps tailored for travel agents in 2024.

What's in this post?

As the travel industry continues to grow rapidly, travel management has become increasingly complex and time-consuming.

In 2023, the online travel market was valued at $2.3 trillion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.3% over 2023-2030. Amidst disjointed processes and disruptive workflows, investing in tools that cater to specific business needs is crucial for Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and tour operators. This includes online travel booking systems, which play a pivotal role in modern travel agency operations.

Online travel booking systems offer a streamlined approach to managing travel arrangements efficiently. They eliminate manual processes, enabling agencies to handle bookings seamlessly and ensure quick confirmation of reservations. These systems provide a centralized platform for managing itineraries, traveler preferences, and payment processing, optimizing the overall booking experience for agents and clients alike.

Integrating online booking systems into travel agency operations brings numerous benefits, such as:

  • Enhances operational efficiency through task automation and reduced administrative workload
  • Empowers agencies to deliver personalized services based on individual traveler preferences
  • Facilitates real-time updates for prompt response to changing travel conditions
  • Enables agents to provide timely assistance to clients

Given these advantages, selecting the right online booking app is crucial for travel agencies seeking to maintain a competitive edge in the industry. Here are the 7 best appointment booking apps for travel agents.

7 best online travel booking systems in 2024

We’ve done the groundwork for you. Take a look at the 7 highly-rated appointment booking apps for travel agents.

1. Yocale

For travel agents, Yocale offers a calendar management and scheduling solution tailored to meet the demands of appointment-based businesses. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Yocale simplifies the process of managing bookings and enhances business operations.

Key features:

  • Conduct online consultations seamlessly, offering HD video or chat meetings for enhanced client engagement
  • Gain valuable insights through detailed reports on various aspects of your business, including client appointment history, invoices, and forms
  • Incorporate forms and payment workflows directly into your online booking pages


Essential: Experience the basic features of the platform for free
$25 (2 users, single location)
$40 (3 users, 2 locations)
$80 (10 users, per location)

2. Appointo


Appointo has gained a strong footing in the travel industry with its exceptional scheduling software. Loaded with much-needed features such as secure online payment options, automated messaging capabilities, and group appointment facilities—Appointo is rated as the most preferred app on the market. The app is also available on Shopify and can be used to launch an online booking system in just 2 minutes without engineering support.

Key features:

  • Offer both in-person and online meeting options via Google Meet, Outlook, and Zoom for traveler flexibility
  • Implement automated appointment reminders to prevent double bookings and reduce no-shows
  • Utilize SMS/WhatsApp messages, tailored questions, and bundled services to understand traveler needs
  • Customize booking platform with unique colors, logos, and widgets for brand consistency


Free: Try out Appointo at no cost for a 14-day trial period

3. Book Like A Boss

Book Like a Boss

This online travel booking system, Book Like A Boss offers a versatile help you create personalized booking pages. It syncs calendar entries, generates intake forms, and showcases booking availability across various time zones, streamlining your booking processes.

Key features:

  • Integrate with various third-party applications like Stripe, PayPal, and Square for seamless online payments
  • Keep your staff members informed and organized with internal messaging regarding appointments
  • Enhance credibility by displaying photos, videos, and testimonials directly on the booking page

Pricing: Get started with a 14-day free trial. You can explore their separate subscription plans for Freelancers, Companies, and Enterprises.

4. Omnify


Omnify is a cloud-based scheduling and booking solution that comes with a personalized service store to help travel agents grow their business.

Key features:

  • Enable clients to schedule appointments in advance with flexibility, offering multiple slots and recurring booking options
  • Stay on top of your appointment schedules, check-ins, and communications from anywhere using our convenient mobile app
  • Utilize Omnify's 2-way synchronization with Google Calendar to manage your availability in real-time and avoid scheduling conflicts


Free: Use the basic features for free (up to 2 members)
$79 (up to 5 members)
$199 (up to 10 members)
Starts at $499 (for 10+ member teams)

5. Bookedin

Bookedin is designed to streamline your booking processes. This online travel booking system aims to enhance efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Key features:

  • Delight your customers with automated text and email reminders to ensure clients arrive promptly
  • Monitor and track client appointments efficiently to stay organized and on top of your schedule
  • Enable clients to book appointments and submit payment deposits in advance


Solo: $30/month

6. Setmore


Utilize Setmore's online appointment scheduling platform to efficiently handle bookings for your travel agency.

Key features:

  • Integrate your tour booking software with Square or Stripe and accept payments right from your customers securely
  • Accept bookings from your Facebook and Instagram pages by adding a 'Book Now' button
  • Reduce no-shows by sending automated and customized email or text reminders


Free: $0 user/month (Up to 4 users)
$5 user/month (1-2 users)
$5 user/month (Unlimited users)

7. TravelPerk


With user-friendly self-booking features, TravelPerk provides a comprehensive suite of tools, including reporting, trip approvals, and policy compliance, to meet the needs of travel agents and their corporate travelers.

Key features:

  • Benefit from centralized invoicing for all business travel, streamlining the invoicing process and eliminating the need for manual invoice requests and reminders
  • Access a wide array of integrations with third-party software
  • Empower travel agents with a convenient online booking platform, securely storing all traveler data, preferences, and loyalty points


Starter: Enjoy the first 5 bookings each month for free, with a 5% booking fee applied thereafter
For $99 per month, benefit from our service with a 3% booking fee
Unlock our full suite of features for $299 per month, also with a 3% booking fee
Get in touch with their team to find out how this plan can be customized to meet enterprise needs

Top 4 things to keep in mind when you choose an online travel booking system

Before you set out to select the best appointment booking app, be sure to ensure the scheduling software comes with these features:

  • Ensure the booking app seamlessly integrates with your existing tools and platforms, such as calendar apps and CRM systems
  • Look for customization features that allow you to tailor the booking process to match your brand identity
  • Consider apps with built-in appointment reminder features, such as automated email or SMS notifications, to reduce no-shows and improve client communication
  • Choose an app that supports various payment methods and offers secure payment processing capabilities

Do more with an online travel booking system

Delivering exceptional service begins the moment your clients book their appointments. That's why choosing the right booking platform is crucial for travel agents looking to leave a lasting impression.

From customizable booking widgets to automated notifications for booking confirmations, rescheduling, and cancellations, Appointo ensures a seamless and efficient booking process for both agents and clients alike. Ready to enhance your booking workflow and elevate your client experience?

Schedule a demo today to discover more about what Appointo can offer for your travel agency.

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