April 22, 2024

5 Best Appointment Booking Apps for Fitness Classes in 2024 [Honest Reviews + Pricing]

Transform your fitness classes with a scheduling app that allows you to manage appointments on the fly. Explore the 5 best appointment booking apps for fitness classes in 2024, freeing up your time to concentrate on enhancing client experiences and fostering business growth.

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In today's fitness-conscious world, driven by the desire for a great physique and inspired by the presence of 'fitness influencers' on social media—many individuals seek body transformations. The allure of body transformation services, often showcased by fitness competitors and popularized through reality TV and viral online success stories, has led to the demand for online fitness classes

The fitness industry is experiencing steady growth, projected to reach $13.8 billion by 2026. As the landscape continues to evolve, fitness class providers must adapt to avoid falling behind. Key priorities include leveraging technology such as appointment booking apps that are crucial in maximizing scheduling efficiency—enabling trainers to manage their calendars effectively, and optimizing client bookings. To complement these classes, consider recommending fitness audiobooks or podcasts to clients. These resources can provide valuable insights, motivation, and guidance, helping individuals achieve their fitness goals more effectively. In this article, we'll explore the best appointment booking apps for fitness classes that can support personal trainers and fitness clubs in achieving their goals in 2024 and beyond. We have a line-up of 5 of the best apps with their features, pricing, and brief overviews to assist you in selecting the ideal tool for your business.

5 best appointment booking apps for fitness classes in 2024

Given how there are multiple choices out there, we want to make this easy for you.

Here are the 5 best scheduling software for fitness classes:

1. Setmore


With Setmore's online appointment scheduling platform, managing appointments for your fitness classes becomes a breeze. Not only does Setmore allow you to display your services and availability, but it also empowers you to set up a customized booking page that resonates with your clients.

Key features:

  • Build credibility and trust by showcasing positive feedback and testimonials on your booking page, demonstrating the effectiveness of your training services
  • Stay updated across all devices—desktop, tablet, and mobile, with immediate alerts whenever a new booking is made
  • Enable clients to book appointments directly from your fitness classes' social media pages using the integrated 'Book Now' button
  • Ensure clients never miss a session by automating email and text reminders, helping them stay committed to their fitness goals and appointments


Free: $0 user/month (Up to 4 users)
$5 user/month (1-2 users)
$5 user/month (Unlimited users)

2. Appointo


As one of the best appointment booking apps for fitness classes, Appointo offers an affordable appointment-scheduling system tailored for a variety of growing businesses. One of its standout features is its versatility, accommodating various appointment formats, whether it's one-on-one sessions or larger group gatherings. With real-time team availability display and automated reminders, Appointo ensures that your clients never miss their training sessions.

Key features:

  • Enable seamless and secure payment transactions, allowing clients to easily purchase training sessions or packages directly through the app
  • Facilitate group training sessions and online meetings by integrating with popular platforms like Google, Outlook, and Zoom, providing flexibility for both trainers and clients
  • Enhance client engagement by selling bundled training packages, gathering personalized information through customized questions, and automating updates, reminders, and follow-ups via SMS and WhatsApp messages
  • Personalize the booking interface to match your website's theme


Free: Explore Appointo for 14 days with no charges during the trial period

3. Yocale


Yocale emerges as another calendar management and scheduling solution, catering to a diverse range of appointment-based businesses. With its user-friendly interface and advanced booking features, Yocale simplifies business operations effortlessly.

Key features:

  • Conduct consultations online through HD video or chat meetings
  • Gain valuable insights into your fitness classes with detailed reports on client appointment history, invoices, and more
  • Customize your online booking pages by incorporating forms and payment workflows


Essential: Start your experience with limited functionalities, available for free
$25 (2 users, single location)
$40 (3 users, 2 locations)
$80 (10 users, per location)

4. BookyWay


Known as the ‘activity reservation app’, BookyWay is designed to help businesses to manage bookings and customer relationships in a smart way.

Key features:

  • Access analytics to understand which are the most profitable fitness classes
  • Start using the app with ease and minimal technical support
  • Set up classes from tablets or PCs


Free: Use the app for free for the first 30 days and until you get a customer on board
Usage-based pricing:
After 30 days, pay €1.50 based on usage

5. Thryv


Thryv provides a holistic solution for accelerating the conversion of prospective leads into satisfied clients within the fitness class domain. Alongside its appointment scheduling functionality, this app offers contact management, CRM features, online listings management, and reputation monitoring.

Key features:

  • Activate two-way synchronization with Google or Outlook calendars
  • Enable your clientele to schedule their fitness classes directly from your business's Google Business listing page
  • Sync and share online calendars with your team and clients


Basic: Teams of up to 5 users can utilize the platform for free
$20 seat/month (Unlimited users)
$30 seat/month (Unlimited users)

7 Key considerations for choosing an appointment booking app

Here are some of the crucial factors to weigh when selecting the right appointment booking app for your business needs.

  1. User interface: Ensure the app offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface for seamless navigation.
  2. Scalability: Assess whether the app can accommodate your business's growth and evolving needs over time.
  3. Pricing structure: Understand the app's pricing model and ensure it aligns with your budget and usage requirements.
  4. Integration capabilities: Check if the app integrates smoothly with other essential tools and platforms used in your business.
  5. Security measures: Prioritize apps with robust security features to safeguard sensitive client and business data.
  6. Reviews and reputation: Research user reviews and testimonials to gauge the app's reliability and reputation in the industry.
  7. Trial period: Take advantage of any free trials or demo versions offered by the app to test its features and functionalities before committing to a subscription.

Make your booking experience a memorable one

Improve your client's experience with a premium appointment scheduling software for fitness classes. Say goodbye to the complexities of manual scheduling and embrace the simplicity of online appointment booking.

While every personal trainer and fitness club has unique needs, this quick guide offers insights into 5 top-rated apps to help you make an informed choice. If you're seeking a hassle-free solution to kickstart your fitness classes, consider giving Appointo a try. With a user-friendly interface, you can set up your booking system in just two minutes, accepting bookings without any technical expertise required.

Take the first step towards efficiency and client satisfaction with Appointo —the ultimate solution for your scheduling needs.

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