February 4, 2024

Automotive Scheduling Software: 5 Best Appointment Booking Apps in 2024 [+ Honest Reviews]

Automotive dealerships can gear up to cater to their customers like never before with an appointment booking app. Take a look at 5 of the best automative appointment scheduling apps in the market.

Service appointments constitute a significant portion of revenue for automotive dealerships. Although managing a surge in service requests is favorable, exceeding operational capacity can adversely affect efficiency and customer satisfaction levels. On the flip side, an under-booked service schedule presents a substantial problem for any automotive business.

Given how 2024 is expected to be a huge year with car sales projected to cross the 16 million mark, automotive dealerships need to find ways to stay ahead of the curve. An appointment scheduling software can be used by auto businesses to not just streamline bookings but dramatically increase customer satisfaction levels and team productivity. Moreover, research findings reveal that a good 41% of your customers would prefer to schedule appointments online, rather than over the phone or in person.

In this blog post, we will take a look at how appointment booking apps can boost your sales and give you more time off your schedule so you can focus on the core auto repair tasks. We’re also adding a list of the top five automotive appointment scheduling software to help you make the right choice.

How will an auto appointment booking app help your business?

Today, there is an evident shift emerging in the automotive industry. We are witnessing a growing demand for a more convenient and seamless online-to-offline sales journey. As a result, automotive sales are transitioning from a dealership model to an agency sales approach.

In all this, it becomes crucial to make it easier for your customers to reach your business and learn about your working hours, availability, and the services you provide. Automating appointment bookings not only enhances client acquisition but also streamlines scheduling processes, reducing manual workload considerably.

We'll explore how an appointment booking app facilitates automotive dealerships in reaching peak efficiency.

- Improve your service team’s potential

When there is an influx of cars to service, your teams often struggle to keep up with the speed at which cars line up at the service bay. Paperwork ends up being a major pain point at this time. An automotive appointment scheduling software helps offload mundane duties, like managing appointments, freeing up your team’s time to take on more tasks.

- Get more appointments scheduled

With an appointment booking app, you can ensure that more appointments are booked at times that are convenient for the customer and your team. By showcasing the team’s availability in real-time, you can see to it that your schedules are filled as much as possible.

- Minimize errors

If you’re scheduling appointments manually, there are chances of errors creeping in. Your team member may note down the wrong time for the appointment or two appointments may get booked for the same slot. You can skip these hassles with an online appointment scheduling app. Not only will you have a centralized repository to track appointments but you can also send out automated reminders to reduce the no-shows.

- Elevate customer experience

The last thing you need is dissatisfied customers leaving and taking their business to your competitor. Auto appointment booking apps are built to help you streamline the customer cycle right from the point of scheduling the appointment to tracking and overseeing payment.

A list of 5 best appointment booking apps for auto in 2024

To help you in your search for the best auto appointment software, we did the groundwork and have put together a list of apps with features that you need to look out for. We’ve also included the pricing to help you find an appointment app that is best suited for your auto business.

1. Odoo

Odoo makes scheduling easy for your customers, helping them secure a convenient time slot with just a few clicks. The app also allows video conferencing enabling you to connect with your customers virtually.

Key features:

  • Sync team schedules and allow prospects to schedule meetings with any available team member
  • Employ automated notifications, emails, or SMS reminders to mitigate no-show occurrences
  • Manage meeting scheduling across various time zones
  • Request a payment before bookings are confirmed


The initial app comes for free with unlimited users

2. Appointo

If you’re looking to offer your customers a frictionless experience when it comes to booking appointments, then Appointo is just the solution you need. From helping your auto business schedule individual appointments for servicing or group appointments for test drives, you can personalize the entire booking experience for your clients and improve service availability like never before.

Key features:

  • Launch a top-notch online booking system in just 2 minutes
  • Send booking confirmations, notifications for rescheduling or cancellation, messages thanking your customers and seeking their feedback with automated email and texting functionalities
  • From color changes to logo additions and customizable widgets, integrate the Appointo app and ensure brand consistency
  • Put your team in complete control of bookings, help them accept payments, and streamline workflows with Google, Outlook, and Zoom integrations


Free: Experience Appointo with a 14-day trial at no cost

3. Setmore

With this flexible scheduling system, you can enable your clients to self-book at their convenience. Setmore is designed to help your teams save time and automate the entire appointment scheduling process for your auto business.

Key features:

  • Control your booking by setting rules for scheduling
  • Add Zoom or Teleport video meeting links to your appointments
  • Set your business apart with a custom booking page


Free: $0 user/month (Up to 4 users)
$5 user/month (1-2 users)
$5 user/month (Unlimited users)

4. Thryv

Thryv offers an all-in-one solution to convert interested leads to customers faster. Coupled with appointment scheduling, the app provides contact management, CRM capabilities, online listings, and reputation management.

Key features:

  • Enable your customers to schedule appointments from your Google Business listing page
  • Sync and share online calendars with your team and customers to ensure that you’re always on the same schedule
  • Turn on two-way Google or Outlook sync and view personal as well as business calendars


Free: Usage is free for a team of up to 5 users
$20 seat/month (Unlimited users)
$30 seat/month (Unlimited users)

5. vcita

The last one on the list of auto appointment booking apps is vcita. This tool comes with a business calendar that allows your clients to book appointments and reschedule anytime. Furthermore, you can set up buffer time between meetings.

Key features:

  • Allow your clients to choose from online meetings via Zoom, phone conference calls, or face-to-face meetings
  • Upload your service list and start taking appointments directly from your vcita landing page
  • Avoid last-minute cancellations with automated reminders


Essentials: $29/month when billed annually
$54/month when billed annually
$93/month when billed annually

Ready to level up appointment booking for your auto business?

For your automotive dealership, an appointment booking app can prove to be extremely beneficial empowering you to manage team schedules better and take client experience up several notches.

If you’re all set to offer your clients and customers a flexible scheduling software, Appointo is just what you need!

Appointo is built by industry experts to streamline appointment scheduling and ensure you stay top of mind with clients using automated messaging capabilities and secure payment functionalities. Trusted by 1000+ customers and available on popular platforms like Shopify, you can get started with c within 2 minutes.

Want to know more? Book a demo to talk to the team.

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