February 1, 2024

Acupuncture Scheduling Software: 6 Best Appointment Booking Apps in 2024 [+ Honest Reviews]

Looking to streamline client bookings for your acupuncture practice? We’ve got you covered. These 6 apps are the best for acupuncture practices. Find out why.

A part of the ancient practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture is becoming increasingly popular today. This practice includes penetrating the skin with hair-thin, solid, stainless steel needles.

Considered to be an effective therapy to help address a variety of health concerns, currently, acupuncture practitioners administer over 10 million treatments in the US every year. In the UK, the count of acupuncture sessions that happen annually is close to 4 million. Owing to ongoing research efforts coupled with increased interest from health systems, acupuncture treatment is without a doubt gaining prominence by the day.

With all this in the backdrop, acupuncturists need to be well-prepared to handle the surge in client sessions. Considering that acupuncturists have a packed schedule—operational tasks such as managing appointments and rescheduling bookings end up taking a back seat. That's where acupuncture appointment booking apps come into play. In this blog post, we will take a look at six of the best appointment-booking apps for acupuncture. We’re providing a detailed overview of each app—covering features and pricing to ensure you make the right decision and level up your acupuncture practice like never before. First up, let’s understand how using an online booking software will help your acupuncture practice.

Why do you need an acupuncture appointment booking app?

Whether you are a seasoned acupuncturist or you’re new to the business, an appointment booking app will not only help you become efficient and organized but will empower you to stay on top of client bookings, manage appointments with ease, and get paid on time.

Here are a few of the many benefits of an acupuncture appointment booking app:

  • Manage client bookings seamlessly
    Skip the hassles of managing bookings offline. By taking appointments on the app, you can see every client request the moment it comes in. You can then easily identify when your staff is available and confirm bookings on the go.
  • Cut down on missed appointments
    As your business grows, more appointments are bound to come in. Consequently, customer inquiries and requests for appointments keep piling up. At times a few appointments could fall through the cracks and end up getting missed. To avoid hitting such snags, you need an acupuncture scheduling software that will reflect your availability in real-time and accept client bookings 24/7—eliminating slip-ups, no-show clients, or double bookings.
  • Improve your team’s productivity
    With an appointment booking app for acupuncture, you can keep track of all your bookings in one place, manage payments, automate reminders via email or text, and much more! All this makes your team more efficient and frees up their time to focus on building the business.
  • Delight customers with exceptional service
    By providing your clients with an easy-to-use app, you can help them schedule appointments at their convenience. That’s not all; you can also keep them informed about upcoming appointments with timely reminders and ensure they get notified any time there’s a change in the booking.

6 of the best acupuncture appointment booking apps

Now that we’ve seen how an appointment scheduling software can aid your acupuncture practice, let’s run by some of the most popular apps on the market.

1. SimplyBook.me

Simplybook is a booking and business management solution that helps you accept appointments from multiple channels and customize your booking software to suit your brand.
Key features:

  • Synchronize your personal calendars and eliminate double bookings
  • Add Google Meet links to online bookings
  • Categorize clients by assigning tags
  • Accept appointments on the channel of your choice—Facebook, Instagram, etc.


Access basic features for free

2. Appointo

Rated as the best acupuncture scheduling software on the market, Appointo helps you build and launch an end-to-end online booking system in just 2 minutes. The best part? This no-code app requires zero technical effort and helps you do a lot more than just manage appointments.
Key features:

  • Schedule individual and group appointments, accept payments, and streamline your workflow with Google, Outlook, and Zoom integrations
  • Personalize your booking experience with logo additions and customizable widgets that can be translated into any language of your choice
  • Automate email and text reminders to never miss an appointment again
  • Enable your team to be in control of the bookings by showing availabilities in real-time
  • Send out immediate notifications on booking confirmations, changes, and cancellations


Try out Appointo with a 14-day free trial

3. YouCanBookMe

While you are providing the best service and growing your acupuncture practice, YouCanBookMe is a great app that will take the load off managing appointments and help you impress your clients with an entirely customizable scheduling experience.
Key features:

  • Control your booking by setting rules for scheduling
  • Reduce duplication and boost productivity with multi-app integrations such as Google Meet, Teams, and Zapier
  • Offer configurable booking forms


Get started for free
Paid Plan:

4. Mindbody

Mindbody is a scheduling software that offers solutions such as booking management, performance reviews, and payroll. It is ideal for businesses that have multiple locations or practitioners.
Key features:

  • Leverage waitlist options when your schedule is full
  • Manage your staff better by coordinating everything from schedules to staff performance and incentives
  • Access reports with data on sales, clients, and retention rates
  • Use marketing tools to engage prospects


They offer pricing across four tiers: Starter, Accelerate, Ultimate, and Ultimate Plus. For details on the pricing, they recommend reaching out to their sales team.

5. Picktime

Picktime provides a unified system to manage client bookings smoothly. The app lets you update and keep staff information, work schedules, and appointments under check.
Key features:

  • Track client appointments with a user-friendly online calendar
  • Collect secure online payments in advance
  • Follow up with clients and reduce no-shows with automated texts and emails


Users can get started with a free plan
Starter (up to 3 users):
Pro (unlimited users):

6. Goldie

From scheduling appointments to sending reminders and accepting payments—Goldie is designed to help you manage your client bookings and run your business better.

Key features:

  • Send bulk messages on promotions and re-bookings
  • Accept deposits, tips, and payments using multiple options
  • Schedule recurring appointments and generate repeat business
  • Manage and update your list of services and pricing plans with ease


The basic plan comes for free with essential features

Over to you

That was a round-up of the best online booking apps for acupuncture. While the choice depends on you, we want to leave you with a few points on what to look for in an appointment app.

Apart from being easy to use, ensure the app comes with essential features such as payment processing capabilities, automated reminders, and calendar synchronization functionalities. Above all, the app should be within your budget and easy to integrate with your business.
Designed for businesses like acupuncture practices, Appointo stands out by offering comprehensive end-to-end customer support. This no-code app can be used to streamline your booking systems, making them simple and seamless for your clients and your team. Appointo is also available on Shopify now.

Sign up here and start taking appointments within minutes!

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