WorkHub Appointment Booking App: Features, Reviews, Pricing in 2024

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WorkHub Appointment Booking App Features:

WorkHub app offers hassle-free appointment scheduling. It allows easy sync with all calendars, sharing of the calendars as well as customisation of availability of hours.
The app users can guarantee meeting availability by dispatching personalized reminder emails or SMS notifications. In this professionals can generate invitations within seconds, share them, and receive prompt responses..
The app can be integrated on the crm, WhatsApp, SMS gateway and calendars to ensure seamless workflow.

WorkHub Appointment Booking App Review:

WorkHub app scores a G2 rating of 5.0 See latest reviews

WorkHub Appointment Booking App Pricing:

WorkHub is a paid application with basic Bot plan starting from$6. It further extends to WorkBot Standard and Enterprise plan.

Download WorkHub Appointment Booking App:

WorkHub scheduling app can be downloaded from the website here