Square Appointments Booking App: Features, Reviews, Pricing in 2024

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In the crowded market of appointment scheduling software, Square Appointments distinguishes itself by integrating powerful scheduling capabilities with comprehensive payment processing solutions. This makes it particularly attractive for service-based businesses such as salons, health clinics, and consulting firms. This article delves into the robust features of Square Appointments, providing an in-depth look at how it supports businesses in streamlining operations and enhancing customer service.

Introduction to Square Appointments

Square Appointments is a part of the broader suite of tools offered by Square, known for its financial services and mobile payment solutions. This scheduling platform is designed to work seamlessly with other Square products, offering an integrated solution for managing bookings, payments, and customer interactions in one convenient place.

Website: Square Appointments

Feature Breakdown

Integrated Payment Processing

One of the key advantages of Square Appointments is its native integration with Square's payment systems. This integration allows businesses to process payments directly through the scheduling interface, facilitating prepayments for appointments, deposits, and cancellation fees, thus reducing no-shows and securing revenue.

Online Booking and Website Integration

Square Appointments provides a customizable online booking site, which can be integrated directly into a business's existing website. Customers can book appointments online 24/7, view service descriptions, and choose their preferred staff member, all from a user-friendly interface.

Calendar Management

The platform offers robust calendar management tools that allow businesses to manage employee schedules, set appointment types, and block off times for breaks or personal appointments. This comprehensive calendar system is designed to handle everything from individual bookings to complex, multi-staff schedules.

Automated Reminders and Notifications

To enhance customer communication, Square Appointments sends automated email and SMS reminders to clients about their upcoming appointments. This feature helps reduce no-show rates and ensures clients are well-prepared for their visits.

Inventory Management

Unique among scheduling platforms, Square Appointments includes inventory management capabilities. This feature allows businesses to track product sales and inventory levels directly through the same platform they use for scheduling, making it an excellent choice for retail operations within service-based businesses.

Multi-Location Support

For businesses operating in multiple locations, Square Appointments provides tools to manage all locations under a single account. This capability is particularly useful for managing bookings, staff assignments, and client information across various sites.

Customer Profiles

Square Appointments allows businesses to maintain detailed customer profiles, including appointment history, payment information, and preferences. This data can be used to enhance the customer experience by personalizing service offerings and marketing communications.

Real-Time Analytics and Reporting

The platform offers real-time analytics and reporting features that help businesses track and analyze their operational performance. This includes data on appointment trends, staff performance, sales, and customer retention, all of which are crucial for informed decision-making.

Square Appointments Booking App Review:

Square Appointments scores a G2 rating of 4.3 See latest reviews
Square Appointments scores a Capterra rating of 4.5 See latest reviews

Square Appointments Booking App Pricing:

Square Appointments offers a flexible pricing model that includes:

  • Free for Individuals: A free plan for solo practitioners that includes all the basic scheduling and payment features.
  • Paid Plans: For businesses with multiple staff members, paid plans provide additional features such as multi-staff scheduling, multi-location support, and advanced reporting.

Download Square Appointments Booking App:

Square Appointments scheduling app can be downloaded on iOS and Android. Website can be found here


Square Appointments stands out as a comprehensive solution for appointment scheduling and payment processing. Its integration with Square’s payment system and its suite of features designed to streamline operations make it an ideal choice for service-oriented businesses. With capabilities ranging from customer management to real-time analytics, Square Appointments provides the tools necessary for businesses to operate efficiently and grow in today’s competitive environment.