Bookafy Appointment Booking App: Features, Reviews, Pricing in 2024

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Bookafy Appointment Booking App Features:

Bookafy is a sophisticated appointment reminder app, offering a comprehensive range of features, an attractive user interface for your customers, and assists your team in automating appointment booking, reminders, payments, reviews, and many other tasks.
The app facilitate real-time appointment bookings for your business with automated calendar synchronization, text reminders, payments, video conferencing, and additional features.
It seamlessly integrates with organisation’s branding with custom colors on admin panel. It also allows embed function with custom colors and fonts to match your website.

Bookafy Appointment Booking App Review:

Bookafy Appointments scores a G2 rating of 4.4 See latest reviews
Bookafy Appointments scores a Capterra rating of 4.7 See latest reviews

Bookafy Appointment Booking App Pricing:

Bookafy Appointments comes in Free, Pro, and Pro+ pricing.

Download Bookafy Appointment Booking App:

Bookafy  Appointments scheduling app can be downloaded on iOS and Android. The website of Bookafy can be accessed here.